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Back End Development

Premind is the master of back-end technologies that make the best database server interactions possible. Our veteran developers have always produced finest solutions that bring user-ready results with PHP, Python, MySQL,& furthermore.

  • php
  • dotnet
  • java
  • python
  • rubyonrails
  • sql
  • cms
  • ecommerce
  • crm

Front End Development

We ensure the finest customer interaction possible, by making use of advanced HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for front-end web development. Premind uses the most up to date technologies to achieve spectacular client-side web creations. Our designs are suitable for multiple screen resolutions while maintaining crisp and relevant design.

  • html5
  • html5
  • html5
  • html5
  • html5
  • html5

Mobile Development

We create vivid and clean built app framework applications on all popular platforms including IOS, Android, and Windows.


Glocal Circles

Getlancer Bidding

Glocal Circles Personal

The Vision of Glocal Circles Personal is to give users an adaptable, Global platform on which to create and build their own personal brand. Our world changes constantly and GC Personal helps our community keep up with those changes, from tracking contact updates to managing the visibility of your profile to sending push notifications to stay up to date. You want the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, with no barriers. GC Personal gives you the platform for you affect the world around you, to think Globally and act Locally.

Fight Cancer Global

Getlancer Jobs

Fight Cancer Global

Fight Cancer Global™ has created a global health information network platform designed to solve the cancer patient's isolation problem. Fight Cancer Global platform crosses geographic, socioeconomic and functional boundaries, enabling members to connect with one another, share knowledge, and support other members worldwide.


Getlancer Portfolio

What is TheBestTutorials?

TheBestTutorials is a web developers site, with tutorials and references on web development languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and JQuery, covering most aspects of web programming.


Find here all type of vehichle such as car, bike, truck


What is vehiclebuzzzz?

Bring to life a realistic service marketplace with Premind’s reputed Find here all type of vehichle such as car, bike, truck script. It helps you to easily scale up in this industry with the cutting-edge facilities, remarkable modules, excellent user interface and consistent revenue options.

Aadarana home

The Home For Orphaned And Needy Students

Aadarana Home

What is Aadarana Home?

Online food ordering service has been a grand success ever since its organization. In concurrence, premind has come up with an excellent and highly user-friendly software "Aadarana Home" .


Simplfing your complication script


What is Doctors Appointment Booking software - ABS?

Building an appropriate online platform for the purpose of getting doctor’ appointment is now easy with the Premind’s Simplfing your complication script. We took an effort in gratifying the needs of creating an online appointment booking system for obtaining any desired doctor’s appointment.

Dharami Dreams

Residential Plots and Independent Villas at Pragnapur Near Shameerpet


What is Car rental software?

With Premind’s vehicle rental software, the entrepreneurs can immediately build an online platform for booking and renting cars with the on trend self-driving concept. The features, modules, payment gateways, and revenue streams incorporated in this car rental script makes the car rental and booking process simple and easy.

Dream Homes

Find Your Dream Home...

Dream Homs

What is Uber clone script?

An automated online taxi booking service is a rising business trend that brings in fast paced successful enterprise for the entrepreneurs. Uber Clone from Premind is the smart solution developed for both Android and iPhone devices. It is fully equipped with all the essentials for running a unique online taxi booking platform swiftly.


A notable online learning software


What is Learnr?

Getting an education of anything is the best bet with the arrival of flourishing online learning community. Premind made an earnest attempt in developing an absolute solution, called Udacity software to kick start a web based training platform immediately.

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